Snap Circuits Jr. Select SC-130 Electronics Exploration Kit | Over 130 Projects | Full Color Project Manual | 30+ Parts | STEM Educational Toys for Kids 8+

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Get ready for hands-on learning fun with Snap Circuits Jr. Select! Your child will have endless fun learning to build circuits with these colorful electronic Snap Circuits. Each one features more than 30 parts that easily snap together. The Snap Circuits Jr. Select can be used to make interesting circuits, encouraging educational play that teaches your future engineer about electricity. All of the parts have colored graphics that represent their Real electronic names and symbols. This educational toy comes with a complete instruction manual and project guide that helps you to guide your child through exploring over 130 experiments. Some of the projects include glow-in-the-dark flying propeller, phototransistor, LEDs, resistors, ICs, a DC motor and much more!


Build over 130 different electronics circuit projects with 30+ electronic parts! | Construct working models of a photo sensor, a flashing light, an Adjustable-Volume siren using parts such as glow-in-the-dark flying propeller, phototransistor, LEDs, resistors, a DC motor and much more! | No soldering - no tools - it's a snap! Snap Circuits parts require no tools and click together to ensure solid electrical connections | Design working electrical circuits using the knowledge gained from building over 130 Circuits found in the illustrated instruction manual | Our AWARD-WINNING product line of Snap Circuits supports a vigorous STEM/ steam educational curriculum | Skill Level: Intermediate | Material Type: Plastic









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