Sonic-FX Duo Dual Handle Whitening Electric Toothbrushes - 3 Modes with Smart Timers - 12 Brush Heads & 2 Interdental Heads with Charging Dock (Black)

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Wear a big smile anywhere you go together with your partner with this Duo Sonic Toothbrush Set from Sonic-FX! Each Sonic Toothbrush in this box features an impressive 33,000 strokes per minute as compared to standard manual toothbrushes. In numbers, that's over 100 times more powerful than the usual manual brushing! It breaks down plaque for cleaner and whiter teeth. Equipped with an auto-timer LED indicator, this electric toothbrush ensures that you are brushing the ADA-recommended time. The two docking ports with one charging port allows you to conveniently charge your toothbrush without the hassle. A single charge is good for for 2-3 weeks with daily use. With a lightweight handle design, this toothbrush is very comfortable to hold. Each pack comes with 8 replacement brush heads, making this product a cost and time-efficient alternative to replacing the sonic toothbrush throughout the year. As one of the trusted brands when it comes to oral care and hygiene products, Sonic-FX aims to provide its loyal customers quality oral care essentials. From toothbrushes to whitening treatments, Sonic-FX is continually providing promising products that are both practical and convenient. Achieve that pearly whites with Sonic-FX!


33, 000 STROKES PER MINUTE - This Sonic-FX Duo Sonic Toothbrush Set is made to effectively clean teeth, gums, and tongue at 33, 000 strokes per minute than standard manual toothbrush. | RELIABLE BATTERY WITH CHARGING DOCK - Powered by lithium-ion battery for an extra-long life. On a full charge, you can get up to two weeks of daily usage. It also features a charging docking port for maximum convenience. | REPLACABLE HEADS - With a twist and lock mechanism to easily replace brush heads, this electric toothbrush from Sonic-FX is convenient and a practical choice compared to purchasing multiple standard toothbrushes. | LED AUTO-TIMER - Comes with a LED auto-timer indicator to ensure you are brushing the ADA-recommended time and also to remind you to move to different areas of your mouth for a superior and even oral cleaning. | LIGHTWEIGHT HANDLE - Enjoy the ease-of-use of this Duo Sonic Toothbrush Set with its lightweight and compact handle! Look forward to brushing your teeth daily with a comfortable grip.





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