Special Supplies 16-Pack Fun Pull Pop and Fun Tubes for Kids Stretch, Bend, Build, and Connect Toy, Provide Tactile and Auditory Sensory Play, Colorful, Heavy-Duty Plastic

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Give children or students a fun and interactive toy to play with Special Supplies pull fun tubes that let them bend, stretch, and connect them in hundreds of unique ways! Keeping kids focused and promoting active play is important, especially during their younger years when they need a toy that stimulates them both physically and mentally. That why we created Special Supplies Pull Fun Tubes that come in a variety of fun colors, including red, green, orange, blue, yellow, and purple, and can be stretched, pulled, connected, bent, and moved in all kinds of different ways. Created with durable, BPA-free plastic, these fun tubes are a great way to stimulate physical play, encourage creativity and confidence, and provide occupational therapy and special needs support for young boys and girls of all ages. Product Details: Colorful Fun Tube Pack (16-Pc. Set) Multiple Colors Included Pull, Stretch, Bend, and Connect Tactile Stimulation and Auditory Sounds BPA-Free Plastic Construction Expandable: 8to 27(Each) Safe for Ages 3 and Up Satisfaction Guaranteed Get these fun and colorful fun tube pull toys for your kids and let them unleash their creativity in a variety of unique ways! Click dd to Cartabove to get a 16-pack today!


Colorful Play and Fun Tubing – A fun, interactive toy for kids, these pop tubes let children stretch, build, connect, spin, bend, and play with them in a variety of ways. | Create Unique Sounds – These stretch tubes also become sound tubes! Push or pull them to different lengths, lightly swing them in circles, and kids can create music. | Stimulating Creativity – The tactile feel of each tube is great for physical stimulation while the connectable, buildable design can be used to strengthen fine motor skills. | Home or Classroom Fun – Great for toddlers, preschool classrooms, and early learning occupational therapy kids of all ages will love bending and pulling each one. | Storage Box– We’ve made it easier to keep all your fun tubes neatly organized by including a small, portable storage box for home or travel play.









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