SpriteGru Giant Magnetic Solar System with 12 Individual Briefing Magnets.Perfect for Toddlers and Kids. (24 PCS)

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In our childhood, almost every kid has an astronaut dream. Try to give the child a perfect educational giftHere is the answer. This Solar System set is Gift Ready and a perfect help hand for science education. (24 PCS) SpriteGru Solar System Set is a perfect instructional tool for Toddlers and Kids education. With this fine designed piece of art you got: Picturesque knowledge about the solar system: This Set refers to Stars (The Sun), 8 Planets, Moon, even the Asteroid Belt and Kuiper Belt. Line them up and a majestic outer space overview will show in front of you. Brief Info. Magnets: A short story for each planet shows what role they played in the solar system. Elegant Design: For display or demonstrative purposes, planets are good resized to form a model to give an intuitive feeling to the user. Plus the real satellite image, it is a great start for kids and a lovely addition to the classroom / bedroom décor. A Lot of Fun: Children will fascinate with their outer space magnets, they can also organize those with other cool stuffs for decoration. Think about it, your kids review their planets and imagine themselves in the space, just before they go to bed. What a peace and fun! Premium Quality: Thickened Magnets laminated with high quality water & dust-resistance PET film. Durable during long term usage. Warm Tip: Pluto is no longer a planet but a dwarf planet since 2006, so there is no Pluto in this up to date set. NOTICE: The "SpriteGru" seller is the only authorized seller, we do not sell wholesale so there should be NO other sellers; Any other sellers are illegally selling their own products using our registered Trademarked company name. In this listing, purchasing from any seller other than " SpriteGru " will result in a potentially faulty product that may be unsafe and cause


FULL INFORMATION?Stars (The Sun), Planets, Satellite (Moon), Asteroid Belt and Kuiper Belt are included. Amount up to 12 entities of solar system and corresponding 12 description magnets. | ELEGANT DESIGN: Designed to fulfill both educational needs and make fun scenes. Kids can line them up by order to form a solar system model or mark the planet with their brief description magnets. The experience of exploring is extraordinary fascinating to toddlers. | FINE DETAIL: Planets are good resized to demonstrate the solar system concept, easier to learn, easier to use. The biggest piece (sun) is 10” in diameter. Print with real vivid satellite images on photographic paper. | PREMIUM QUALITY: Thickened magnet sheet, Laminated with high quality water & dust-resistance PET film. Durable during long term usage. | STRONG PACKED: Your puzzle set will be packed in strong carton. Guarantee No curling and Gift ready. Ideal for ages 3+









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