Squeeze Craft Puff Slime - 9 Pack Jumbo Fluffy Mud Putty Assorted Bright Colors - 2 Oz. per Container - for Sensory and Tactile Stimulation, Event Prizes, DIY Projects, Educational Game, Fidget Toy

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An exciting way to make great childhood memories is to play something that gets fluffier using a tool from a name that never gets old in its industry.

Not just any other Slime but a Fluffy Slime from Squeeze Craft!

Squeeze Craft Puff Slime Toy comes in a Pack of 9 tubs. It a soft dough that can be combined with other colors and molded to different shapes and figures using cutters! Create a swirling ice cream, butterfly, stars, and many more! Each of it will bounce like a rubber and stretch like a chewing gum.

Fluffy Slimes are a composition of a premium grade, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic materials. It is soft, slimy and squishy for your kidslittle hands. Its resealable container is made of a BPA free plastic. Recommended for ages 3+ with adult supervision.

Use this Mud Clay to add extra fun in a Summer getaway or sleepover. Just remove from individual can and play your fingers around it then bend, shape, roll, squish and more. You can add beads or glitters for a more artistic appearance.

The Colorful Sludge is designed for relaxation and manipulative ability at home, school, and the office. Its squeezy and slippery texture makes a pleasant and self-pacifying tool for children and teens; and a great stress-reliever desk toy for homework, office breaks, meetings, or to fidget with during long phone calls.

Great party favors, loot bag stuffers, a treasure in a mystery box, or gaming materials for your friends and family on birthdays, baby showers, Slumber parties, Easter Sunday, Halloween, Christmas season, Year-end celebration or any occasion. It will also work as kidsawesome compensation for their improving behavior and academic achievement.


MIX AND MATCH COLORS - Kids will love this playset of gooey putty in pink, red, light blue, purple, yellow, light green, blue, green and orange! It has great consistency and smooth texture without drying unlike clays and others in the market. It is sold in a colorful 2oz. tub. | MULTI-SENSORY SLUDGE - This Slimy Gum helps develop imagination and fine motor skills including eye-hand coordination, gain strength and improve dexterity in hands and fingers. Playing it promotes calmness, stimulates focus and relieves stress, worries, and tensions. | CREATIVE ACTIVITY - Squeeze Craft set works as an exciting classroom participation reward for students and a therapy object. Knead, tear and mold it at home, offices, clinics, and playrooms for a therapeutic feeling and a playful ambiance. | CHILD-FRIENDLY - Components are a premium grade plasticine, unscented, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic. Fluffy Slimes are non-sticky, soft, bouncy and squishy for a comfortable sculpting and stretching. Recommended for ages 3+ with adult supervision. Not edible! | NOVELTY SUPPLY - An interesting learning arts and crafts tool from Squeeze Craft - best birthday gift, Christmas stocking stuffers, school or carnival giveaways or Halloween’s trick or treat bag fillers, party materials, and events centerpiece.









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