STEM game PET ME for Multiplication and Division math board game- Easy start educational game Perfect learning gift for girls and boys 7 and up Pet wonderland adventure game for family

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Story and Concept Pet Wonderland is a beautiful pet park that is home to lovely pets. They are all very hungry and waiting for you to visit the Park. Master one and two digit division on the way. With an awesome storytelling , we make sure you have hours of fun. At the same time, you will be mastering division like no one else. Go PET ME !!

Who is it for - PET ME is a perfect gift for girls and boys 8-12. It is a fun and very productive family board game too. It is an educational STEM game that the whole family can play and actually have fun while the kids master division.

Skills Division of 1&2-digit numbers without remainders Division as repeated subtraction Strategic Planning Forward Thinking Flexibility Hand-Eye Coordination Practice Jump 4 times more math practice compared to classroom
Contents of the box 1 Gameboard 4 Play Pawns 1 Dice 1 Box of 55 Food Pieces 36 Pet Cards(12 Bone Cards, 12 Milk Cards ,and 12 Chilly Cards) 1 Box of 48 Pet Tags - 12 for each player 1 Bag of 50 Red Hearts & 30 Pink Hearts 1 rule book


MATH IS SOCIAL: Let the kids discover the fun side of math when go on this amazing pet park adventure with you. Feed pets, win hearts and get 20 times more math practice with this award winning educational family game | VERY EASY TO START: We have designed the game so that even kids who just know counting can play the game and ace at division. Every child has a right to discover the joy of math | STEM GAME: Pet Me is an awesome math game that boosts your division skills. It is perfect for primary school kids. It is a math dice game aligned to common core and Singapore math guidelines | PERFECT GIFT: Pet Me makes a great gift for girls and boys. An educational family game that you all will love. Winner of several awards including Brain Toy, Best Game, Editors choice and more | KIDS AGE 8 YEARS & UP: Children will have a great time. Beautiful pets, bright park and easy to master game play.



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