Tayarana Soft Magic Worms Toy Wiggly Jiggly Worms Twisty Fuzzy Worms on String Carnival Party Favors (30 pcs)

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These worms are great for party favors, and a good value! These are the best toys if you have cats and have the time and will to play with them. Cats loves playing with these worms, which seem to be moving around by themselves because of the invisible thread. They attract the cats from whatever activity they are doing. Take this as a toy for your cats and they absolutely adore chasing the worms around the house. Theye super light and the string is clear, which is great for cats to hunt. Kids are obsessed with these worms things and they will very pleased with this pack. These worms are cute and your kids will think they're awesome. Perfect for birthday parties for children and Christmas stocking stuffer.


1. Quantity and color: 30 pieces worms in six super light colors and the string is clear | 2. Fuzzy small gift: funny worms gift for kids party favors and everyone | 3. Worm time: enjoy the worm time with your cats, great choice for your cats chasing and playing | 4. Size: Approx. 8.7 inch*0.7 inch









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