Tech Will Save Us, Gamer Kit (Ready-Soldered) | Educational STEM Toy, Ages 12 and Up

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The gamer kit is an easy-to-build kit for kids that gets them coding their own handheld games! using our free online coding platform, kids learn to hack and code classic games to build their skills before designing and coding their own games. Kids invent, code, and play their own games while learning important creative thinking and problem solving skills. And with our free online make platform, there are dozens of projects for them to make! how does it work1. Clip the gamer together in under 15 minutes! 2. Play classic games like flappy birds right away. 3. Learn to code other classic games with our online platform! 4. Learn step-by-step how to design and code your own creations! 5. Master sound effects and add them to your games. 6. Go multi-player and play with friends! kids learn: - how to code - problem solving - creative thinking - how technology works what can you do with itthe gamer is the ultimate STEM gaming kit, offering endless hours of fun with designing, coding, and playing games. - download and play retro games right away - learn how to change and edit the code in retro games - learn step-by-step how to design and code your own games - design and code animations, games, and fun apps! and with our free online make platform, kids have dozens of projects to choose from!.


Code, play and master your own games with the gamer | DIY gaming console features classic games snake and flappy bird, step-by-step guide and access to free online coding platform | Learn to solder while building your own gaming console | Learn about electronics and how technology works | Open-ended creating and inventing with code



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