TEPE Compact Specialty Tuft Toothbrush - Ortho, Braces Extra Soft Bristles, 1 Pk

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TePe Specialty Brushes satisfy your special needs for a sensitive toothbrush.Each Gentle Care and Special Care extra soft manual toothbrush is gentle on delicate oral tissue and is for post oral surgery. The Universal Care angled toothbrush fits in narrow places way at the back.The Compact Tuft angled toothbrush is ideal for crowded or impacted teeth.The Interspace and Implant Orthodontic Soft Toothbrush clean implants and braces.Our Denture Toothbrush cleans your false teeth.Without the right soft bristle toothbrush to brush teeth properly, removing plaque can be a nightmare, meaning you have a higher risk of cavities.Each TePe soft adult toothbrush has an easy grip handle. Your ultra soft disposable toothbrush makes enamel shine.Pack it in a toiletry bag as a portable travel toothbrush for on-the-go.At TePe we care about smiles. We make it easy to find the right manual toothbrushes for your needs.Our dental products are made in Sweden and recommended by dentists worldwide.


SPECIAL ANGLED BRUSH unique adult toothbrush targets implant abutments for over-dentures, discolored or crowded teeth or impacted wisdom teeth. A sensitive toothbrush for receding gums and gum disease | EXTRA SOFT BRISTLES soothe delicate oral tissue while you brush teeth. This super soft toothbrush with flexible short filaments in a compact dome-shaped dense tuft gets the job done | PRECISION CLEANING this ultra soft tuft toothbrush is a well-rounded tool that works wonders for a healthier mouth, gently cleaning erupting teeth, along the gum line, around and on fixed orthodontics | OPTIMAL FIRM GRIP stable handle for better access in hard-to-reach areas. This soft bristle toothbrush is an ideal toothbrush for braces, gum pockets, emerging teeth and for children's erupting molars | CARING FOR HEALTHY SMILES TePe products are made in Sweden and recommended by dentists. Single tuft manual toothbrushes are the go-to toothbrushes for people who need a more specialty type brush





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