Terrarium Kit, Boys Girls Toys Arts and Crafts With Colorful LED Kids Birthday Gifts Educational Gifts for Boys & Girls Science Kit with Light-Up Boys and Girls Toys Age 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10+Year Old

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THIS FUN EDUCATIONAL TOY IS THE PERFECT ACTIVITY THAT ROLLS EDUCATION AND PLAY INTO ONE PACKAGE For curious little minds and budding scientists Create a miniature garden in the comfort of your home! This terrarium kit for kids contains everything you need to design an indoor mini greenhouse, complete with lifelike miniatures and decorative ornaments. This fascinating model will keep you captivated while designing the terrarium and then watching it sprout and grow. Empower your children by allowing them to construct their very own terrarium, and develop important life skills while having fun! Once completed, the joy doesn stop there! Discover nature secrets, and watch the mini terrarium transform into beautiful greenery in the following days. During the night hours, the light-up jar casts a magical glow and turns the garden into an ethereal sight. A decorative bow on the terrarium jar adds a final flourish for a wonderful and long-lasting gift. Kit includes: Terrarium Jar Light Up Jar Lid Micro USB Charging Cable Fresh Garden Soil Blue Decorative Sand White River Rocks Wheatgrass Seeds Chia Seeds A Sheet of Stickers Spray Bottle Plastic Shovel Miniatures: Bunny, Wind Mill, House Please note that the kit contains small objects not suitable for children under the age of three.


?? KIDS TERRARIUM KIT: Explore the exciting world of growing things and green grass, and create a mini garden in your home. Our light up terrarium kit includes a sleek, jar with colorful led , brightly colored supplies, detailed miniatures plus decorative sand and rhinestones that personalize your creation! | ??LUMINESCENT TERRARIUM: This beautiful tabletop garden transforms into a mesmerizing sight during the nighttime hours. A small switch on the light-up jar illuminates the terrarium with a spectacular glow and is easily rechargeable with the included Micro-USB. | ??EDUCATIONAL AND FUN: For anyone that’s curious about the world around them, this kids’ science kit is the perfect activity that rolls education and play into one package. From when you pour the first bit of sand into the jar until you watch the grass peeping through; every step is an experience to remember. | ??FOR ALL AGES: Makes the perfect gift for boys and girls, ages 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 year old. An ornamental bow on the jar makes the terrarium and exciting gift to receive, and the tactile experience of sand, seeds and, realistic figurines keeps everyone entertained and interested throughout the creative process. | ??LET US START !! : Both boys and girls alike will love the science behind this gardening adventure and hands on experience that comes from this educational arts and crafts kit.









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