The Moon Ring - "It F@rts When You Open it! (Ring Box containing f@rting Butt, no Ring)

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Free same-day shipping on the greatest gag gift since the whoopee cushion. The Moon Ring (Patent Pending) is a ring box that contains no ring. Instead, it contains a miniature plastic man, bent over, exposing his posterior. When the box is opened, he farts. You can hear it...not smell it. We're working on that. Batteries are included that last over a year and can be changed. The Moon Ring is MADE IN THE USA, and makes the perfect gag gift for any occasion. NOTE: The white ribbon is included but doesn't come tied around the box.If you'd like to send it as a gift, with the ribbon tied around the box, select "gift options," at checkout and for an extra buck we'll tie the ribbon around the box and send it without a packing slip. (New v2.0 as of 3/21/18 - The Moon Ring is now LOUDER!, and comes with enhanced light sensitivity, so the fart sound will play in extremely low light situations. (i.e. a candle lit dinner. :)


Free SAME DAY Shipping On All Orders (U.S. Only) | Includes changeable batteries that last over a year with normal use. | White leatherette ring box is authentic - typically used for engagement rings. (it looks real). | Great gag gift for White Elephant Parties, Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, anniversary, retirement, April Fools, or to break the ice on a first date. Also, kids LOVE it! (cuz ya know... it farts.) | Hand made in the USA.









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