THE YEET BUTTON Toy - A Real Life Yeet Blue Button Meme

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Ever had those frustrating moments in lifeLike that moment when your crush says something and you don't what to say so you're just like 'yeet' Or when your crush pressed the yeet button so you follow up with a strong 'yeet'.... well this button is for you It takes $15 dollars and 2 - 7 days of waiting to add more humor and laughs into your daily life! Imagine making your crush laugh ( Don't forget to send us the wedding invite ;) ) Features This button has been carefully handmade with the power of comedic timing With this button, the power of breaking the ice and creating daily moments of laughter will become yours! Use this responsibily The blue and grey colour scheme follows the gray button meme (like how I mixed up the spelling Comes with two batteries (These are not rechargeable - replace them aight This button makes a great gag gift and will remain timeless!


??This button has been handmade with the power of creating more daily laughter | Makes a great gag gift and will remain timeless | It also looks great on any student desk, office desk, or carry it on you for those bruh moments. Guarantee it will make your crush laugh! (Don't forget to send us a wedding invite) | Yeet! batteries are included - AAA | These are not rechargable - replace them | The blue and grey color scheme follows the gray button meme









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