Thin Slim Soft Custom Teeth Night Guard - Teeth Grinding - Teeth Clenching Dental Guard - Slim Thin Fit For Small Mouth - Great For Day Or Night Use - For Upper Teeth - Bruxism Mouth Guard

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Thickness is 2mm. Thin Single Layer for a Slim Fit. ALL OF OUR CUSTOM NIGHT GUARDS ARE BPA FREE AND LATEX FREE! Thin Slim Fit Custom Dental Teeth Guard designed for light teeth grinding/bruxism. This Night Guard is made of a soft, flexible, rubbery plastic. (Lifespan 6 months-2yrs, dependent on degree of teeth grinding or bruxism). Buyer will receive a custom teeth guard mold kit (including comprehensive instructions) via regular mail and one prepaid (U.S. only) & pre-addressed mailer (if outside of U.S. buyer is responsible for return postage to lab). Within 10 days of the lab's receipt of the mold, the lab will directly mail one (1) upper custom fabricated Night Guard and one (1) Night Guard carrying case.


Thin Soft Slim 2mm Custom Teeth Night Guard: Slim fitting for comfort, small mouth. For UPPER TEETH. For light to moderate teeth grinding, teeth clenching, bruxism. | Great For Day or Night Use: The thin slim fitting soft guard is an excellent choice for day use for teeth clenching or night use for teeth grinding and clenching. | Experience: Order dental lab direct from a lab with over 10 years experience in fabricating custom dental guards. | Attention To Detail: Each and every teeth guard is hand made with attention to detail to ensure a precise fitting teeth guard. | Quality and Guarantee: Not a cheap boil and bite bulky mouth guard - What you receive is a professional custom teeth guard that fits exact to your teeth - 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - UNLIMITED ADJUSTMENTS(97% of time fits perfect right away) - WE WILL DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO MAKE SURE YOUR A SATISFIED CUSTOMER

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