THINK2MASTER Premium 186 Laminated Alphabet, Sight Words & Phonics Flash Cards for PreK & Kindergarten. (Bonus: 2 Dry Erase Markers, 5 Rings). Learn to Read, Write, Count, Add & Subtract Numbers.

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Learn to Read & Write the Alphabet & Words. Learn to count, add & subtract numbers.

It's a complete learning system that was designed by a classroom teacher to maximize learning for your child.
Teach your child to learn to read & write as well as to count, add & subtract numbers.

These cards have been designed to differentiate between beginning and advanced learners.
There are 5 different levels of cards so that students can start from the easiest skill and progress to harder ones.

The alphabet, numbers & words are large, bold and clear

9 longer tab cards to organize the flash cards

Two sets of alphabet cards (52 cards) provided so your child can create words using the cardsr

10 Number cards (1 - 10)

8 Colors & Shapes cards

33 cards to teach sight words

30 cards to teach words ending in same letters

25 cards to teach phonics

13 Triangle cards to teach how to add and subtract

12 blank cards to teach & practice additional words


All cards are laminated and is made of high quality 300 GSM Art Paper and PET Lamination.
164 Regular Cards are 3" x 5". 9 Tab cards are 3" x 5.5, 13 Triangle Cards are 3' x 5'.
Each card has rounded corners and are hole punched for easy sorting and handling.
Includes 1 Attractive Box, 186 Laminated Flash Cards, 2 (4.5 inch) Dry Erase Markers and 5 (2 inch) Steel Binder Rings

CPSC tested and certified for safety and compliance.


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?READ & WRITE THE ALPHABET? – Ideal first flash cards for your child to learn to read & write the Alphabet letters. Every card is laminated so your child can practice writing the Alphabet letters repeatedly. Each card has guidelines, starting point designated with a red dot and arrows and lines guiding your child’s marker. There are 2 sets of alphabet cards provided so that your child can learn to make words like “mom” and “dad”. | ?READ & WRITE SIGHT WORDS? – 66 easiest sight words were picked from the Dolch and Fry word list so that new readers can gain the confidence that is so important for a beginning reader. Because cards are laminated, your child can practice writing the words as well buy tracing over the lines. | ?SIMILAR WORD FAMILIES & PHONICS? – After mastering the sight words, your child can learn to read and write words of similar word families. These are 3 or 4 letter words with the same ending letters. Your child can also learn to read by understanding the sound that each letter or combination of letters make. By mastering phonics, your child can decode new written words by sounding them out. Your child can learn to read and write 150 words in this category. | ?COUNT, ADD & SUBTRACT? – With these cards, your child can learn not only to read and write numbers but also learn to count, add and subtract as well. Using the triangle cards simply cover up one number of the Triangle Card. &nbsp If the remaining two numbers are the same color (Blue), then add the remaining two numbers. &nbsp If the remaining two numbers are different colors (Red & Blue), then subtract the blue number from the red number. | ?HIGHEST QUALITY? – Every card is made from the highest quality art card paper and lamination making the cards durable and water resistant. If the dry erase cards are not erasing completely, use a little toothpaste and a slightly wet paper towel to clean the cards. NOTE: IF YOU HAVE ISSUES RETURNING THE PRODUCT THROUGH AMAZON (BECAUSE THIS PRODUCT INCLUDES MARKERS WITH ALCOHOL BASED INK), PLEASE CONTACT US (Think2Master) AND WE CAN PROCESS YOUR RETURN AND REFUND.









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