Toddler Musical Instruments Toys - Smarkids Percussion Instruments Toy Preschool Educational Musical Toys Set for Boys and Girls Including Xylophone Flute Tambourine Maracas with Backpack

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Smarkids toys are designed to combine learning with fun. This Instruments toy set is the perfect size for preschool kids and early elementary children ages 3 and up. Music play an important role in the early stages of a child life, which help children bond emotionally and intellectually with others through creative expression and imaginative play. So it's necessary for kids to have a persussion instruments set.

Package Contains
x xylophone
x Tambourine
x Flute
x Cymbals
x Triangle with striker
x Wrist Bells
x Maracas
x Shaker Eggs
x Zipper backpack


A COLORFUL MUSICAL TOYS SET: These colorful kids musical instruments, include 8 types 12 pieces shaking, tapping, beating and blowing instruments with rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic sounds. Each item is designed with different function, will be very interesting. This musical toy set will be great gift for kids. | NEW DESIGN XYLOPHONE: The design of the xylophone in this Instruments set, is based on careful consideration of users specially kids' safety. Round corner metal keys, will be more safe to protect kids from getting hurt by accident. The mallets, made of high grade ABS material, never have loose / fall off problems anymore, no chocking hazards, durable and exquisite. After precise cent adjustment, this xylophone produce accurate tunes. | HIGH QUALITY MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: With the best craftsmanship in this line, all the musical toys in this little band set are made of exquisite non-toxic material, and passed dozens of strict quality control test, safe, reliable and interesting for children. | A REAL EARLY EDUCATIONAL TOYS: These are is educational toys for preschool and early elementary children. Various musical instruments provide a broader world for children to explore and cognize music. This will be very helpful tools for kids to build sensitivity to sounds rhythms and music, promoting creativity, hand and eye coordination, and develop kids' interests | BUILD A SMALL BAND: With xylophone, tambourine, flute, cymbals, triangle with striker, wrist Bells, maracas, shaker Eggs, kids can build a small bank with friend and families. Enjoy much fun! Top toys for toddlers/ kids gifts!









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