Trueocity Dental Flossers Brush Picks 4 Pack w/Travel Case (200 Total Count), Dental Floss Glides Easy Between Teeth, Flosser Helps Prevent Tooth Decay & Gum Disease, Easy Grip Handle, Mint Flavored

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Daily Dental Care Necessity: The American Dental Association (ADA) recommends flossing once daily for good oral hygiene. Trueocity Dental Flossers aid in removing plaque, bacteria, stain, and food particles between teeth & leaving you with a beautiful smile. Our blue flosser is the best size for sensitive gums and teeth. The floss is smaller than dental tape, so it fits easier in extra tight areas. Having a Hard Time Reaching Your Back Teeth Our high quality flossers will glide between your teeth. The easy grip plastic handle with soft pick brush end makes flossing easier than using traditional floss. The ergonomically shaped handle makes reaching the back molars easier. The brush pick end can be used as a toothpick to get food, plaque, and particles out of teeth and leaving your mouth ultraclean. Dr. Recommended: You may not be a dental professional, but that doesn t mean you can t floss like a Pro! In our dental office, we recommend using floss sticks over floss string for patients who are young, have large fingers, or who have a difficult time with flossing. People who floss generally have whiter teeth, less bleeding gums, better breath, less staining between teeth, and better overall health. We enjoy offering quality products that aid in creating healthy oral care habits. Bonus Travel Case: Now you can floss wherever you are! Stick the travel case holder in your drawer, desk, purse, pocket, car, or travel bag. Backed by our 30 day money-back guarantee!


Includes 4 Packs of Flossers Plus a Bonus Travel Case. Perfect for Adults, Teens, & Kids | 2 in 1 Flosser with Toothpick Brush Removes More Plaque & Bacteria from Hard to Reach Areas | Shred Resistant, Strong, Durable Floss Glide Gently Between Teeth. Won't Break When Flossing | Cool Mint Flavor For Super Fresh & Clean Breath. Easier Than Floss String To Hold & Use | Dentist & Dental Hygienist Approved. We Are Committed To Offering High Quality Dental Care Products

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