Valchoose 16 Pack 46g Slime Storage Containers with Lids (BPA Free), 4.5oz Plastic Storage Slime & 2 Pcs Slime Mixing Spoons Durable | Thick | No Spill

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Slime Storage Container: Ideal for kids slime making and collecting. The kids can organize their slime in an orderly manner, avoid the slime making mess at homes | Valchoose LARGE DIMENSION: Upper caliber 85mm / 3.35 inch, lower caliber 73mm / 2.87 inch, height 40mm / 1.5 inch | Safe & Dependable: Made of recyclable PP, environmentally friendly, safe and non-toxic. The thick plastic case, drop resistance and anti-extrusion. Let your kids have more fun with slime. | Sturdy & No Spill: These containers with tight fitting lids, no leaks or drips, even water or air. The slime can be stored for a long time without drying out. | PACKAGE INSTRUCTION: 16 pack transparent storage containers with lids, 2 slime mixing spoons, enough for you to use









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