Vandoona Toy Storage & Organization Mesh Bags Set of 12 Eco Friendly Washable Mesh Bags & Color Coded Drawstrings by Size S, M, L. Playroom Organization, Baby Toys, Game Pieces, Toy Sets, Bathtub Toys

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THE PERFECT TOOL FOR KIDSSTORAGE AND ORGANIZATION, THIS TOY BAG SET WILL GET RID OF THE MESS INSTANTLY Get your kids excited again about clean-up time! Children will love to take charge of their playroom domain, and these bags make it easy to store their toys all on their own. Super strong & tear resistant, they can bag many items without fraying. Drawer organizer, desk organizer, closet organizer or anything organizer for home, office or school, these mesh bags are a quick way to create your personal sorting system. Why youl love our toy net bags: Kid-friendly: Drawstring feature gives kids easy access to their favorite toys; it provides secure closure & slides open easily. Both safe & handy, it is the perfect length so kids can sling it easily on their hand & safely carry them without getting tangled. Safer than the standard zipper closure, it won hurt their little fingers and improves fine motor skills. Color-coded: Contain your clutter in different size bags to meet your storage needs. They come in 3 standard sizes for smaller and larger items and have a convenient color-coding system. Completely transparent: Made with transparent material for easy identification and quick selection Tear resistant & Strong: Washable, reusable & strong, they are made with strong fibers and durable materials, they are double-stitched for increased strength Environmentally friendly: Bags are BPA, lead free, and devoid of other harmful or toxic residue Guaranteed: At Vandoona we are passionate about bringing new and innovative products to the market. We work hard to maintain the quality of our merchandise and stay attuned to our customersneeds. Feel free to reach out to our dedicated staff with your questions.


PERFECT ORGANIZATIONAL TOOL: Conquer the challenge of containing those ever-escaping toys with this simple yet ingenious toy organizer solution! Both kids and parents will find it easy and fun to keep their toys tidy with these premium drawstring mesh bags. | MULTI-SIZED AND COLOR CODED: This value pack contains 12 mesh toys storage bags: 3 small bags: 12inx8in (Blue drawstring), 6 medium bags - 12inx14in (orange drawstring) & 3 large bags -12inx17in (red drawstring). Each size has a color-coded drawstring for convenience and quick selection so that organizing toys or other items becomes a fun, educational activity. | DESIGNED TO LAST: These reusable high-quality mesh bags are made with strong fibers and durable materials and can be machine washed without getting ruined. We upgraded the standard stitching on the bottom end of the bags to a super strong double stitch on both sides of the bag. This ensures that the bags are durable and tear resistant, allowing the bag to safely carry extra weight without ripping. | MULTIPURPOSE TOY BAGS: Use the toy organization bags to collect and store virtually all toys, game pieces, and crafts that are strewn around the house or play area. Get bath toys, Puzzle sets, crafts, games or other odd items in order; these bags can be used for essentially any form of organizing. | NOT JUST FOR TOYS: A clean home and neat personal space is the key for a calm and organized mind! Rearrange those messy drawers or jumbled items and use the mesh bags to organize and arrange cosmetics, shoes, makeup, nail polish and just about anything you can think about! When you’re on the go, these bags are great for compartmentalizing suitcases and other travel items!







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