VCOSTORE 12 Sided Fidget Cube, Dodecagon Fidget Toy for Children and Adults, Stress and Anxiety Relief Depression Anti for All Ages with ADHD ADD OCD Autism (Black)

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A Little body, to satisfy your all hand additions
Modern People face a variety of emotional states such as stress, frustration, tension, and distraction. Now you only need to move a finger and give yourself an effective psychological suggestion and adjust mood quickly. Vcostore decompression magic cube is full of 12 small trivial organs, you can enjoy it

12 Sides Different Function:
1.Rotating Disk - Feels like real Disk can be clicked and turned in any direction
2.Joystick - A gaming joystick offers a sensitive 360° revolve
3.Worry Groove - Use your fingers to rub it repeatedly and it can relieve stress and annoyance effectively
4. Switch - A On/Off switch
5.Soft Clicker - An silicone button replicating the feeling of clicking a pen
6.Silica Rope - can be hanged on anywhere you want
7.Sliding Blocks - Sliding blocks to adjust your own life rhythm
8.Squishy Buds - The little faces are cute. They won't get angry no matter how you pinch them
9.Gears - 3 gears to roll forth and back
10.Triangle Button - 4 buttons imitating a gaming controller
11.Finger Massage - A soft, lumpy skin for fingers massage
12.Stress ball - It is resilient and can be pulled and pinched freely

Package Included:
1*Fidget Cube

Warming Tips:
All of our Fidget Cube Package are covered a transparent film tightly in the box, please tear off the film carefully and it will look new as a gift!!!!Features:

Superior Decompression Tool - Our fidget cube is designed to reduce the stress and anxiety, helping you to develop focus and concentration, adding more fun especially suitable for those with extra energy like ADD&ADHD, OCD, autism / Also effective tool to get rid of the habit such as leg shaking, pen biting, nail biting etc fidgeting habit with our fidget toy | 12 Sides Dodecagon Structure - Featuring 12 sides for you to click, spin, roll, flick, rotate etc which icluding Rotating Disk, Joystick, Worry Groove, Switch, Soft Clicker, Silica Rope, Sliding Blocks, Squishy Buds, Gears, Triangle Button, Finger Massage and Stress ball total 12 different fidgeting ways for you to relax | Premium Material - Made of ECO-Friendly ABS Plastic and silicone, make it more sturdy and smooth surface to hold or play totally safe and durable for every day carry and relief | Portable Size - Pocket-size 6*6*8 cm for child or adult, you can easily play in one hand and carry to anywhere whether at your work / your home or on the road just keep yourself relaxed and enjoy anytime / Also it's an awesome office desk accessory, time killer and with silent sides which it's quiet for you to use in the class or meeting without interruption | Must Read Before Buy - We offer full refund or goods replacement for our customers, feel free to contact us if there are any problems with your order









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