WeFidget Fidget Pad - 9 Fidget Features, Perfect For Skin Pickers, ADD, ADHD, Anxiety and Stress Relief, Black Edition

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WeFidget has developed the newest generation of Fidget toys, this will blow the Fidget Cube out of the water. Our Fidget Pad carry 8 fidget relieving functions that can more than definitely help fight your stress, anxiety, and bad habits. With a joy pad like design, it is the perfect fidget toy for all ages. You have the ability to fidget with both hands simultaneously! You have the ability to Click, Roll, Massage, Shift, Breathe, Flip, and Spin. We included a game type feel to our fidget toy after studying our market. We have included and improve many functions that you might see on the Fidget Cube and made them way much more fun. Our gears, slips, switches, buttons, and rollers offer tactical feedback and resistance to offer maximum fidgeting.



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