Womens Razors, Exquisite Electric Shaver for Hair Removal

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1. Security: the incisive blade with the R shaped obtuse angled 3 in 1 blade can safely remove hair.
2. Convenient operation: Women electric razors with 1 button switch, simple operation, free and easy.
3. Exquisite and compact: Electric shaver is enjoyable and comfortable to hold and easy to carry.
4. USB charging: USB allows you to charge more conveniently, eliminating your worries.
5. Long battery life: The product battery capacity is 800mAh, you can use it for a long time with one charge.

How to Use:
1. When using, move the shaver slowly on the skin against the direction of hair growth, while gently pressing down, do not apply excessive force, so that the hair can completely follow the blade part.
2. After shaving, you can use some soft lotion to moisturize the skin.


Item Type: Womens Razors
Material: ABS
Battery Capacity: 800mAh
Battery Type: Lithium Battery (Shipped with Built In Battery)
Product Power: 2W
Product Color: Purple

Package List:
1 xWomen Electric Razors1 x USB Charging Cable
1 x Specification
1 x Cleaning Brush 



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