WonderCo Slime Kit with Everything! The Ultimate Slime Kit with Pre-Made Slime for Kids. Dragon Eggs, 18 Colors, Cloud Slime, Unicorn Supplies and Glitter DIY Accessories for Boys and Girls

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Your children will love customizing, playing, squeezing, stretching and shaping with the non-sticky and soft slime kit from WonderCo. It'll help develop their creativity, hand skills and will keep your kids busy for hours.

Super cool for adults too, to help relieve stress and anxiety of everyday life.

No more disappointing slime fails from not-so-great recipes leaving kids & parents feeling frustrated. Our premade slime is perfect every time & ready for play and customization on arrival (No glue or activator required!). Your children will love this safe and non-toxic slime with all the choices of colors, crunchy and shimmery things. Parents will love NOT having to clean up a huge mess when making your own slime from scratch. Also, this sensory play STEM activity will ignite your child's creativity & imagination.

The WonderCo Slime kit Features:

- Pack of 18 slimes, with 3 oz each, having lots of slime to play with

- 2 Unicorn / Dinosaur eggs with Cosmic Galaxy Slime

- Slime decorations to make your slime your own including beads, balls, glitter and more

- Super Fun, Fluffy and stretchable Slime similar to silly putty

- Non sticky - 100% Safe and non-toxic material

- Comes with perfect carrying case with handle for storage of your slime and supplies.

Makes a surprise gift idea for boys, girls, children, teenagers, birthday presents, parties, and MORE!

WonderCo is a USA based company owned by a husband and wife team with a child of their own. We are committed to providing you with safe fun toys and activities for your children. Your business means the world to us. That is why if you do not love our product, contact us and we will do whatever it takes to make it right. We care!

NOTE: Make your slime last and last by placing your slime in the covered containers provided when done playing as leaving it out for too long will dry the slime.


THE ULTIMATE SLIME KIT - Has everything you need including 18 different color slimes, includes Dinosaur eggs filled with Cosmic Galaxy Space Cloud Slime! Multi-packs of beads to put into the slime to make crunchy slime, glitter tubes to make sparkly slime and more included! | Our Crystal Slime is pre-made! Trust us you don’t want to try and make slime with glue and chemicals it is a NIGHTMARE! Our pre-made slime is the perfect consistency and is stretchy like slime should be, yet not runny and cleans up easily and can be put away into the included carrying case. | KID FRIENDLY & ADULT APPROVED - Adults tell us all the time they love our slime too! It is a great stress relief to play with it in your hands like stress reliever balls or puddy. We won’t tell if you “borrow” some of the slime containers for yourself to relieve stress at the office. :) | PERFECT GIFT IDEA - Kids can make it a DIY project by adding foam beads, charms, glitter, combining colors, blowing bubbles in it, & actually spend time enjoying it instead of being disappointed. Make super cool themes including Unicorn, Rainbow, Galaxy, Sparkly, Starry, Butter, Cloud, & Crunchy | PREMIUM QUALITY, NON TOXIC, WON'T STAIN YOUR HANDS - Our slime supplies are made from natural eco-friendly materials that are non-toxic and safe for use. (Do not eat the slime! It is not food.) It is non-irritating to the skin, odorless, safety tested & certified. Recommended for kids ages 6+.









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