Youniverse Create Your Own 3D Crystal Growing Unicorn by Horizon Group USA, DIY Crystal Growing, Color Your Own Unicorn, Yellow, Pink, Blue

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Create and observe a fun reaction as you create a colorful and whimsical You*Niverse crystal growing Unicorn! Experiment with cool ingredients and explore simple chemical reactions that result in gorgeous crystal formations on your figurine. Color in the unique crystal patterns with vibrant color droppers and watch the details shimmer in the light. Show off your creative eye as you display this stylish figurine for all to see. Recommended for ages 6 and up. Adult supervision required.


Experience crystallization – grow and color Crystal formations onto your unicorn figurine | Fun intro to chemistry - dig into chemistry as you experiment with cool ingredients | Watch a fun Reaction – create and observe a fun Reaction take place before your eyes | Kit includes: 1 molded unicorn, 1 bag of alum powder (6oz each), 3 bottles of coloring dye (2. 6ml each), 1 glitter packet (1G each), 1 paint pot (3ml), 1 wood Stick, 1 paint brush, 1 paint palette, 1 poster, easy-to-follow instructions | Download user manual below | Age range: 12 years & up









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