100pcs Glue Rings for Eyelash Extensions - Lash Extension Glue Ring Holder Cup for Professional Lash Tech Supplies - Adjustable, Disposable & Flower Rings for Nail Art, Tattoo & Makeup - Green

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Our lash tech supplies, including lash rings and a glue ring holder, are must-haves for every lash artist. Made of durable and odorless plastic, our lash glue holder cup is designed with an ultra-light and adjustable design to fit most lash artist's fingers. This eyelash extension glue ring, also known as an eyelash extensions glue cup, has a lovely heart shape ring with V breaches and a divider that saves your time and increases lashing speed. These lash supplies for lash techs are specially designed for volume lash extension applications. The special inner design of our lash extension glue ring prevents the glue from spilling out and maintains good performance, allowing you to easily portion your adhesive without worrying about mess-ups. Moreover, our lash ring is not limited to adhesive-it can also hold adhesive remover, primer, or any other lash supplies you need. It's a versatile and convenient tool, perfect for lash, nail art, and makeup applications. Adding this glue ring, also known as a glue holder cup or lash ring, to your professional kit is a must-have for any lash tech. Happy Lashing!



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