Anchored Products Nikko Tattoo Stencil Solution -Professional Tattoo Transfer Formula, 8 Ounces

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The Anchored Products Inc tattoo Stencil Solution was created by world-renowned tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado. Nikko and his work have been featured on many television shows and he developed a large, loyal following over his career. Through many years and lots of trial and error, Nikko created the best tattoo stencil solution on the market. This stencil solution helps create an accurate depiction of your work, so you can deliver a great tattoo to your client. This stencil solution will last for hours so you can focus on delivering a beautiful final product. It will produce clear, crisp lines so your tattoo stencil is a more accurate representation of your original drawing. This not only helps you, but also helps the client visualize what the final result will look like. The ingredients in this formula are gentle and safe. It can be applied anywhere on the body.



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