Aresvns Chocolate Eyebrow Tattoo 77 Pairs!Newly Improved 4D Lifelike Imitation Eyebrows,Good Looking Reddish Brown Eyebrow Transfers Sticker,Suitable Sizes,Waterproof and Long-Lasting 4-6 Day

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Package Including: 7 Sheets 77 Pairs Color: Reddish Brown (Chocolate Color)Why use temporary eyebrow tattoo?1.Suitable eyebrows will make you look more charming.2.Various reasons lead to less or even disappeared eyebrows.3.For many ladies,it is very difficult to draw a suitable eyebrow,the effect is not guaranteed, and it takes a lot of time.4.Permanent and semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo can be painful and cost a lot of money.You can choose the appropriate eyebrow shape and size according to your face shape, or you can trim it to achieve the appropriate shape and size, and you can use the eyebrow pencil to modify it after paste to achieve the best effect.NO PAIN,NO MESS!Easy Apply:1.Clean the eyebrows and the surrounding skin to make sure there is no oil.2.Cut out the eyebrow style you want to use from paper.3.Remove the transparent protective film.4.According to the reverse side of the eyebrow tattoo in the mirror,place the front of the eyebrow tattoo sticker in the right place and press it with your hand to keep it in place.5.Wet all eyebrow stickers with water. Wet them thoroughly,gently pat sticker to make it fit the skin closely.(can use a brush to pick water or spray directly with a spray bottle filled with water).6.Slowly remove the wet paper after 20 seconds.Perfect eyebrows appear immediately!How To Remove:Easily removed by rubbing makeup remover, makeup remover oil,makeup remover cotton,body oil.TIPS:1. Clean the skin with soap before sticking, and not touch the water within 2 hours after sticking.2. Avoid rubbing hard the tattoo area after applying3. You can use eyebrow powder or eyebrow pencil to cover the tattoo surface lightly, which can remove the reflection problem and make the eyebrows look more realistic.



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