BIOTOUCH Micropigment CHOCOLATE BROWN Pigment Color Permanent Makeup Microblading Supplies Eyebrow Shading Micropigmentation Cosmetic Tattoo Ink Lip Eyeliner Feathering Hair Stroke LARGE Bottle 15ml

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Biotouch pigments are formulated with iron oxides which are known to be safe for cosmetic use, colorants, and micro-pigmentation to the face and body. Because our pigments have more of these particles in every drop, they absorb into the skin much more effectively. The result is less fading, and truer colour. Our pigments also have a different texture and quality. They do not dry out like most. The micro-fine particles used, along with ethanol, allows the pigment to dry slower and keeps the mixture smooth, as the technician works with it. Over 50, 000 TECHNICIANS use Biotouch products in 33 different countries daily.



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