Brown Shaver Mobile Shave M-90 by Braun

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? "Brown Men's Shaver Mobile Shave (Portable) M-90" is a battery-powered electric shaver equipped with a multi-pattern net blade that realizes further deep shaving. ? Electric shaver equipped with a wide net blade that rises and falls up and down ? The unique twist structure keeps the cap from coming off, so it protects the net blade even in a bag. ? Brush can be stored in the main body, and a sharp blade is built in the main body. You can trim mustaches and sideburns. ? A portable electric shaver that is convenient for travel and business trips. You can shave anywhere ? A shaver that can be washed with water. Because it is a shaving machine that can be washed with water, it is always clean. ? A portable electric razor with 20 patterns of 4 x 5 that reliably catches and cuts beards that grow in various directions. ? By adopting the epoch-making "twist type", it prevents malfunction and damage of the net blade when carrying it, and when using it, it transforms into full size by rotating the body cap. Enjoy authentic shaving anytime, anywhere [Product Specifications] Power supply method: Dry battery type (AA alkaline battery) Number of blades: 1 blade Blade type: New function Multi-pattern net blade ? ? ? 4 * 5 20 patterns of mesh reliably catch and cut whiskers. Shaver body washable: Possible Spare blades: We do not sell replacement blades. Accessories: Cleaning brush, with 2 AA alkaline batteries



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