CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless Foundation, Toasted Almond 270, 0.40-Ounce Package

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Amazon.comThis breakthrough formula with Olay Regenerist Serum and SPF 22 stays suspended over fine lines and wrinkles, unlike the leading anti-aging department store foundation that can gather in wrinkles and make skin look older. Clinically shown to provide significant improvement in skin condition in just four weeks.From the ManufacturerInfused with Olay Regenerist serum, the Simply Ageless Collection of primer, foundation, blush, concealer, and corrector is formulated to stay suspended over fine lines and wrinkles for flattering, flawless coverage at any age. COVERGIRL & OLAY - SIMPLY AGELESSDiscover our breakthrough formulas, with Olay Regenerist Serum, that evens skin tone without settling in fine lines and wrinkles. SIMPLY THE FACTS FOUNDATION SHADE SELECTIONIf you're deciding between two shades of foundation, our research has shown that women tend to be more satisfied when they go with the darker one of the two. Don't worry that the white swirl in Simply Ageless will change the makeup shade you choose-the white swirl blends invisibly. So, if your usual COVERGIRL foundation shade is Creamy Natural, your Simply Ageless Foundation shade will also be Creamy Natural. And if you don't get your shade right the first time, we have a money-back guarantee! HOW TO OPEN To open the sponge compartment, place your thumb under the large indention in the lid (green arrow) and flip up the top. To get to the makeup, grab the bottom clear jar with one hand and the purple lid with the other... Then rotate your hand on the purple lid counter clockwise. Enjoy your Simply Ageless Foundation, Corrector, Concealer, or Sculpting Blush! THE OLAY + COVERGIRL DIFFERENCE Restores Texture Evenness This unique formula transforms from solid to liquid on contact with skin, creating a liquid "suspension" that floats over your skin's surface without gathering in wrinkles or texture. The Olay Regenerist serum infused in the formula has a combination of vitamins, skin conditioners and anti-oxidants that help improve skin texture. Restores Color Evenness The foundation shade and Olay Regenerist serum fuse on application, allowing the serum to become colorless and preserving your chosen makeup color. Our unique "suspension" formula glides over skin to give a seamless, even distribution of pigments with ultra-fine variation-resulting in an even skin tone that doesn't look flat. Olay Regenerist serum contains glucosamine to help fight the appearance of age spots as well as anti-oxidants. SIMPLY AGELESS CONCEALER Covers to brightenDiscover our under eye concealer containing Olay Regenerist serum. The creamy formula conceals dark circles while visibly brightening the look of skin under the eyes for a fresh and youthful, wide-awake look. SIMPLY AGELESS CORRECTOR Covers even extreme dark circlesTo be used in combination with Simply Ageless Concealer, our corrector's specially blended pigments achieve instant severe dark circle correction and help maintain a flawless-looking complexion. Plus, like all Simply Ageless products, it's infused with Olay Regenerist serum.Product DescriptionDoes your makeup make you look older? Some anti-aging makeup, even a high-end department store brand, can settle in lines and wrinkles and actually make you look older! But Covergirl and Olay have teamed up to create a stunning alternative: makeup withFrom the ManufacturerCOVERGIRL and Olay have teamed up to create a line of age-defying makeup that will leave you feeling flawless. COVERGIRL + Olay Simply Ageless Foundation stays suspended over fine lines and wrinkles, making you look younger. Combine with COVERGIRL + Olay Simply Ageless Primer, Concealer, Corrector, and Sculpting Blush for the ultimate youthful glow.Want even more ways to get gorgeous? Try COVERGIRL + Olay Tone Rehab 2-in-1 Foundation and Pressed Powder! Featuring Olay Regenerist Serum and SPF 22 Stays suspended over, and won't settle into, fine lines and wrinkles Lines and wrinkles seem to disappear



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