Dermacia PRO Breathable Foundation (Ivory), Dr. Recommended, Hypoallergenic, Long Lasting, Lightweight, Professional Oxygenating Makeup, Best for Sensitive Skin, Acne & Rosacea, Made in USA

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Dermacia Breathable Foundation, the first truly breathable makeup that is actually good for your skin, providing flawless coverage while improving and actually helping the skin to heal. Recommended by doctor’s and demanded by celebrities. Dermacia Breathable Foundation is infused with an exclusive patented Triple Silica Gel-based formula, which unlike traditional oil, crème or water-based cosmetics, provides complete coverage to disguise fine lines, discoloration and other problem areas without looking cakey or over done. Sensitive enough for women who have undergone recent aesthetic or surgical procedures, and are unable to wear makeup after the treatments. Dermacia Breathable Foundation allows air and moisture to pass through to the skin, keeping the complexion looking fresh and natural all day long. Studies have shown that Dermacia Breathable Foundation increased the oxygen content of the skin by 6.2%, just a few hours after application, and by 10.1% after 4 weeks of wearing the foundation. Hypo-allergenic and completely non-irritating, even to acne, rosacea, psoriasis or eczema, this product is also water-resistant for up to 90 minutes, so the product will not migrate to your clothes. Balance out any complexion by minimizing red or yellow undertones, Dermacia Breathable Foundation lightens areas that appear shadowed, and diminishes the appearance of skin problems that most cosmetics can’t cover up. Dermacia Breathable Foundation combines technical innovation, unparalleled quality of ingredients and formulation, and precise skin tone color matching for a foundation that is breathable, oxygenating and nearly undetectable. At last, the secret is out!



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