DERMAFLASH MINI Precision Edges Facial Hair Remover Replenishment Set, 3" L x 0.7" W x 1.5" H, 8-Count Refill (Compatible with DERMAFLASH MINI Dermaplaning Tool only)

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Product DescriptionDERMAFLASH Precision MINI Edges are designed to maneuver effortlessly around your eyes, brows, nose, and upper lip area, removing even the tiniest hairs. This 8-piece Precision MINI Edge refill pack ensures you'll always be ready for on-the-spot peach fuzz removal and precision touch-ups. For safety, efficacy, and proper hygiene, use a new Precision MINI Edge face razor each time you flash. DERMAFLASH Edges are designed for single-use only. Used blades can reintroduce harmful bacteria to your skin. *DERMAFLASH Precision MINI Edges are only compatible with DERMAFLASH MINI and are not compatible with DERMAFLASH LUXE or DERMAFLASH ONE SPEED.Brand StoryDermaflash



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