ecofavor Water Activated Eyeliner, UV Glow Neon Cake Paint, 10 Bright Color in 5 Cake Hydra Eye Liner,UV Glow Blacklight Luminous Body Face Makeup Paint, Costume Halloween and Club Makeup Art Paint…

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Colorful eyeliner matte water activated pigment 10 colors kit, can be used for makeup, eyeshadow, full eyelid looks, cut crease, face and body paint. Apply with wet brush and turns into a liquid wet liner or shadow. Water activated full coverage cream and easy to apply with just one layer, perfect for newbie beginners makeup lovers and professional makeup artists.It is easy to create a stunning Halloween costume that will dazzle during the day and night with UV face make up that gives your skin a powerful glow. The power of UV body makeup makes your body gleam underneath the sun or inside lighted rooms to give you a costume that stands out! A strong imagination will thrive with our body paint as you can express yourself through the art of makeup and transform to become the masterpiece you desire to be.Our body paint has been tried and tested to be harmless on your body. It is light and gentle so there will be no burning and no itchiness once applied. This paint is easy to remove so whenever the party is over, simply peel it off and you're good to go! This water activated body paint is the perfect way to highlight any festival you plan on going to this year. Turn your body into art with UV makeup that will glow underneath UV black lights and recharge on its own in the sun so you don't need to reapply. The paint glides on your skin easily and keeps your skin moisturized so you will feel comfortable in the heat for hours and provides a quality look that will make people think you're a highlight of the event!



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