Electric Razors for Women, Maywiyi Shaver for Women, Trimmer for Women, Lady Electric Bikini Shaver for Women Pubic Hair, 4 in 1 Portable Rechargeable Women Face Shavers for Face, Underarm and Legs

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Have you experienced these embarrassing moments? When wearing short skirts in summer, slender legs show thick leg hair. Play by the pool and cannot happily wear a bikini. Wearing sexy suspenders, helpless arms show long hairs. When raised your hand inadvertently, revealed the armpit hair you forgot to shave. Becoming a delicate woman starts with seamless hair removal. A changeable machine, full body shaving: I will protect your smooth and beautiful skin. Bikini Shaver: The shaver for women shave the whole body, suitable for the hairy parts of the body, and restore your silky and beautiful skin faster Eyebrow Razor: The matching protective shell protects the blades, and also allows you to skillfully trim and shape your eyebrows to the required length. Nose hair trimming: Meet the needs of different lengths of trimming, only shave the hair without hurting the skin, without clipping or pulling the hair. Facial Hair Removal: Independent floating knife net, smooth and close to the skin, quickly shaves long and short hair. Gentle enough for daily use. Shaving Tips: 1. If the hair is longer, it is recommended to cut it to 5 mm first. 2. Wet the hair with warm water for 2-3 minutes before hair removal to soften the hair, which can better protect the skin. 3. The knife head is lightly attached to the skin to remove hair easily. Warm Tips: 1. Not including transformer/adapter/Charger. 2. Keep the electric razor at a 30-45 degree angle with your skin and trim hair against the growth of the hair for best shaving results. Package Included: 1 x Shaver for Women 1 x Facial Shaver Head 1 x Eyebrow Trimmer Head 1 x Nose/ear Trimmer Head 1 x Device Cleaning Brush 1 x USB Charger Cord 1 x User Manual



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