Electric Shaver for Women, Ribivaul Women's Electric Razor for Legs and Underarms, Cordless Ladies Electric Razor for Women Pubic Hair, 3-Blade in 1 Foil Shaver and Bikini Trimmer, Wet & Dry Use, Blue

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Remove Unwanted Body Hair and Get Smooth Skin with Ribivaul Electric Razor
How to Use?
1.Take off the trimming comb attachment, and make sure the 3-in-1 shaving blade is not deformed or damaged to avoid hurting the skin while shaving.
2.Press the ON/OFF switch to turn on the shaver.
3.Slowly move the shaver gently against the direction of hair growth.
4.For longer hair, use the shaver with the trimming comb attachment to cut to 7 mm or shorter first.
5.For residue hair, move the floating foil back and forth to erase and get a great close shave.
How to Cleaning?
1.Always switch the shaver off and remove the USB charging cable before cleaning.
2.To clean the shaving head, hold the shaver body with one hand, and press and hold the 3-in-1 shaving blade with the other hand before pulling it up from the shaver body.
3.Clean the residual hair with the cleaning brush. Rinse the shaving head and the 3-in-1 shaving blade under water and allow them to air dry.
4.After the 3-in-1 shaving blade is being clean and dry, please press and hold both sides of the 3-in-1 shaving blade before pushing it into the shaver body.
5.To ensure a good shaving performance and prolong the life of the blades, it is recommended adding 1 or 2 drops of lubricating oil and turning on the device for 2 to 3 seconds.
How to Charge?

1. The shaver can be charged via the charging stand or by directly connecting the USB charging cable to a power socket.
2. Charge the shaver for at least 8 hours before using for the first time or if it has not been used for a long period of time.
3. When the shaver is plugged in, the charging indication light will illuminate no matter if the shaver is fully charged or not.
4. It takes 8 to 10 hours for a full charge. The built-in battery is designed with overcharge protection, that will automatic stop the charging process once the battery is fully charged.



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