Electric Shaver Razor for Men, BestMal 5 in 1 Wet/Dry Electric Shavers Razors for Men, Rechargeable Waterproof Mens Electric Razor with Nose Trimmer Sideburns Hair Trimmer and Face Cleaning Brush

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<p>With the 4D shaving system, the blade can be flexibly fitted and shaving is more comfortable. The blade can be taken out and the short stubble can be easily removed. Shaving is so simple. 3. The built-in Canglong imported motor is powerful, and the performance is really not covered. 4. The shaver head is made of automatic grinding material, which can keep the blade sharp without heating even if it is operated for a long time. 5. The current popular direct charging seat electric dual-purpose charging technology is adopted, which is more luxurious and convenient for travel. 6. The built-in circuit boards are all gold-plated contacts, which greatly improves the performance and service life of the machine. 7. Built in professional battery (nickel battery and lithium battery are commonly used for shavers, which are only used for mobile phones and laptops) has a longer service life. It's really awesome to use Canglong Motor. 8. The liner waterproof technology has reached the current high level. Electric floating face shaver with floating 3 blades is a reasonable choice for men. electric razor for men razors maquina de afeitar para hombre shavers shaver mens rasuradora electrica shaving face afeitadora men's best rated rotary rechargeable blades cordless afeitadoras electricas dry small bread machine wet machines portable facial rasurar</p>



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