Emjoi Epilator with 72 Tweezers - Dual Opposed Head, Hair Removal for Women, Best for Legs, Underarm, Bikini Epilation, Body & Facial Hair Remover

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At Emjoi we understand the importance of a smooth, effortless epilation experience. That’s why our engineers have spent hours creating this innovative electric-powered epilator, equipped with 72 tweezers that remove the hair straight from the root, providing you with salon-smooth skin that lasts for weeks. * Emjoi Epilator 72 tweezers, The most on the market and Dual-Opposed Heads remove hair from the root , leaving skin smooth for up to 6 weeks! * For extra efficiency, the 72 powerful tweezers remove most of the hair on the first go, allowing you to save precious time whilst decreasing the number of passes the epilator needs to run over the skin and thus making it less likely to get irritation. * A system of smart discs, one intact and two that open and close, help in getting the skin tight and stretched in order to alleviate any discomfort. * By gently sliding the tweezer discs over the skin, our breakthrough patented Glide Technology lifts up and thoroughly removes the hair. * The Emjoi is much more convenient to use than other epilators thanks to the dual-opposed rotating heads that keep the skin tight and firm, removing more hair in one go. * Even flat and exceptionally short hair is removed thanks to specially middle lifting fingers that also reduce the chance of any ingrown hair. * Leaves you with super soft and smooth skin for a period of up to six weeks by removing hair straight from the root. * Tackling even the shortest hairs (as short as 0.5mm) and removing it straight from the root. * Sensitive areas such as the upper lip and chin are perfectly removed with gentle ease. * Perfect for removing a wide variety of hair on the face (upper lip and chin), legs, underarms, and sensitive areas such as bikini line. * 2-speed setting * Electric powered * A 110/240 (V) power cord is provided



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