Epitome "Mini Bomber" USB Charging Travel Portable Hypoallergenic Sensitive Cordless Wet or Dry Body Ladies Cute Little Shaver

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About the product aesthetic design: This hair removal shaver is designed specially for women. Its aesthetic design is very popular and ensures convenient handling which makes hair removal easily and smoothly even the shortest hairs. The electric women shaver head with foil and 2 integrated long hair trimmers, perfect for arm, leg, and underarms.Painlessandefficient: Unlike traditional chemical shaving methods and forceps which takes much time and bring great pain, our women shaver can remove the hairs quickly and smoothly with no pain women - looking for a practical and stylish high performance shaver that gives you the most precise and smooth shaving experience ever? The epitome USB mini bomber lady shaver is the most technologically advanced shaver for busy women. With its easy gliding over just about every body part, you will feel great after any shave ... Bid goodbye to the usual after-shave 'irritation' that gets worse in a few hours. This quick and comfortable shaver will make you look glorious with its results: Pain-free and gentle way to remove hair: It can't get any better than this for you, flexible trimmer system for close, smooth and clean shave. Portable with micro USB charging: Portable and rechargeable shaver with built-in USB connector for charging through a computer, or any other USB port. Works great on delicate areas: Such as legs, arms and underarms. Same charger as all phones other than iPhone. Ideal travel accessory: 13 x 9 x 5 mm and weighs only 145g made to last: Will last for years with due care. Includes: Protective cap shaver USB line pouch cleaning brush user manual product details: Charging: 8-10 hours shaving time: Up to 30 minutes order today for the most amazing shaving experience ever.



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