ErZhoo Electric Razors for Women with 3 Blades - Electric Facial Razor, Waterproof Bikini and Leg Electric Shaver - No Charging Required

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Still removing body hair by wrong, old-fashioned way? Don't let it spoil your beauty

Wax paper for hair removal: It is very painful and easily leaves residue when removing hair.
Depilatory cream: Not recommended for sensitive skin, as it contains a variety of chemicals that are harmful to the body.
Poor quality manual razor: very easy to scratch your skin and requires tedious pre-treating the skin.
Laser Hair Removal: Equipment is expensive for laser hair removal.

A survey addresses women's concerns about shaving

95%: Is it safe? Will it cause skin irritation, inflammation, redness, and other skin symptoms?
87%: Does it feel very clean after shaving?
82%: Is the hair removal process painful?

Advantages of our products

1.Suitable for different areas of body hair in the body, such as face, arms, armpits, bikini, legs, chest, abdomen, back can be safe and quick to remove clean hair, to give you back smooth skin.
2.Three types of blades in one, to deal with different parts, different lengths of different types of hair, straight blades for arms, legs, chest, abdomen and other flat and longer body hair removal and trimming; curved blades for face, armpits, bikini and longer body hair removal; mesh blades for shorter body hair stubble, harder beard trimming.
3.With the newly designed R-shaped blades, and can swing 15 ° blade frame, in shaving not only better fit your skin, and not easy to cause damage to your skin.
4.Working with very little noise, using quieter electronic components, and made the noise reduction process.
5.Protect the whole body, direct water rinsing.
6,This product uses a AA battery power supply, saving frequent charging and storing the charging cable.
7, Small and nimble, easy to carry, can easily fit into the school bag, travel bag, etc.
8, Comes with a blade protector and cleaning brush.



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