eStraPro Painless Electric Facial Hair Remover for Lips, Neck, Armpit, Legs and Body,USB Rechargeable Tiny Razor with,Easy Maintenance,Does Not Hurt The Skin and Powerful Motor

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eStraPro Waterproof Epilator is a mini portable beauty tool, 420L2 martensitic stainless steel blade, made of medical equipment, painless use & no hair clipping, won't pinch hair, gently slides along the body curve, no It will redden, irritate or scratch the skin, easily and quickly shave all kinds of body hair such as armpit hair, leg hair, bikini line, etc., and keep smooth skin, whether you are at home or on a business trip, just put it in your travel bag, purse , toiletry bag or pocket?because it's the same size as a lipstick?"Razor it" while working with the efficiency of a small electric shaver.
The eStraPro shaver is a miniature shaver with a simple interface featuring a power on/off button, when in use, press the power switch, When in use, press the power switch, when the device is in the "on" state, green: 100% power, yellow: 75% power, white: 50% power, red: 25% power?
Gently press the head of the epilator flat against the skin, and use circular or curved motions cut off excess hair (Note: The temperature generated by the high-speed rotation of the motor will be gradually weakened by the metal to the grille, so the skin will feel this weak temperature during use. This is a normal phenomenon).
When the power display is red, it means that it is ready to charge, because it is a rechargeable mini shaver, using USB charging mode, because it uses a lithium battery, It has Larger capacity than AA batteries, high energy density, long cycle life, no pollution, fast charging speed, charging for 2 hours can last 50 days(according to one use per day, the daily use time is 5-10 minutes), fully upgraded.
When you are charging, the machine will not start, unplug the charging cable to start using. eStraPro razor also makes a great holiday gift . eStrapro’s principle is that quality is higher than profit,and we are Committed to providing high-quality products?One year warranty to ensure your complete satisfaction.



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