EyeBlack Blue Softball Glitter Eye Black Strips, 2 Pair

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Blue glitter EyeBlack. Support your favorite team with these EyeBlack strips with a high quality glitter finish. The glitter doesn't come off, so you get the eye-catching look of glitter without any mess. Glitter EyeBlack is similar to a sticker. Simply peel from the sheet and apply to your cheekbone area when you're ready to wear them. It removes easily when you're ready to take them off at the end of the game or event. These are the perfect inexpensive fan item to wear to add some sparkle your game day apparel. Wear these to your next tailgate, party, or company picnic. We have a number of naan, mob, and other glitter designs available. Product details: Peel and stick glitter EyeBlack strips. 2 pairs come in a pack. High quality no-mess glitter finish. High value fan item that takes your game or fan spirit to the next level. Other naan & mob styles are available upon request.



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