Eyebrow Stamp Stencil Kit, Eyebrow Stencils with 24 Pc, Eyebrow Brown Definer, Brow Stencils and Shaping Kit Reusable (Blonde)

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Eyebrow stamp stencil kit gives you gorgeous brows fast and easy. Each kit includes 1 dark brown stamp and 24 brow stencils. Use it to shape your brows, to contour face, and cover hairlines. 24 most popular eyebrow shapes are included. They are suitable for a wide range of eyebrow shapes and face shapes. Choose the shape that lets you stand out in the crowd! Simply flip the stencil to create the symmetrical look on the other brow. Premium eyebrow stamp powder is all natural and environmental-friendly. Keeps your bright look throughout the day in all temperatures. Waterproof, sweat proof and long-lasting for 24 hours. Steps to Use: Step 1: Choose stencil Step 2: Untwist stamp, insert sponge into cap to dab powder Step 3: Align stencil Step 4: Stamp brow Step 5: Wipe stencil clean Step 6: Flip stencil to repeat on other brow..



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