Finishing Touch Flawless Brows Eyebrow Pencil Hair Remover and Trimmer, White Glitter

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Introducing flawless brows: The perfect cleanup tool to maintain that "fresh out of the salon" Look for your eyebrows. Flawless brows is a revolutionary, new upkeep tool for the time between shaping, waxing or threading your eyebrows. Hairs aren't long enough to wax and plucking hurts and takes too long! Flawless brows is a perfect replacement for your painful tweezers. Now, you can remove hairs painlessly and instantly. From the manufacturers of Finishing Touch Lumina Lumina flawless, comes flawless brows, your new best kept secret on maintaining perfect eyebrows. Flawless brows is not recommended for trimming eyebrows, but rather for completely removing unwanted hairs around the eyebrow area. For optimal results, use on clean and completely dry skin Free of creams or makeup. Pull skin tight and move in small, circular motions. If the unit begins to slow down, clean the head of any residue and/or replace the battery. After each use, clean head with included brush. Finishing Touch Lumina Lumina flawless brows comes with 1 AAA battery. It is suitable for men and women 14 years old and up.



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