Glabrousskin Hair Remover for Face, Glabrous Skin Epilator, Glabrousskin Facial Hair Remover, Glabrousskin Wireless Epilator for Face, Glabrousskin Epilator for Women Face for All Body Parts (1Pcs)

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? Feture?
? Stainless steel cutter head, more wear-resistant, no rust, no skin allergies!
? Push switch, easy to use.
? There is a light on the switch, which is automatically turned on when working, so that every hair can be clearly observed.
?The effect is long-lasting, and the skin can remain smooth for 3~6 weeks.

? Specification?
Product Name:Glabrousskin Hair Remover for Face
Power Mode: Dry Battery
Hair Removal Site: Whole Body

? Common Questions & Answers?

1.Q: Will hair removal accelerate hair growth?

Answer: No. Although the hair grows faster after hair removal, this is just a illusion. If the hair removal is used to get the hair, after a period of time, the hair that grows will only be thinner and no longer grow.

2.Q: Will hair removal damage the skin?

Answer: The use of hair removal cream or hair removal cream can easily cause skin sensitivity or inflammation; use a general blade to scrape body hair, which is easy to cut the skin or cause unnecessary redness. Practice has proved that using a hair removal device is effective.

3.Q: Can I reduce the odor under the armpit?

Answer: The odor of the underarm is caused by mixing the three contents of the secretion, sweat, and fat, and the body hair of the underarms is a place where the sweat and fat are gathered. Therefore, you can try to solve the troubles of the odor by Epilator.

? Package Includes:
1/2 Pcs* Glabrous Skin Epilator
1Pcs* User'S Guide
1Pcs* Portable Storage Bag
1Pcs* Cleaning Brush
1Pcs* Washing Towel (Free Gift)

? Note:
1. Most of the hair removal device uses charging, DC and batteries as power. Most of the hair removal knife head cannot be washed.
2. Generally every 20 days of hair removal. After bathing, when the pores are opened, use a hair removal device. After hair removal, you will also pay attention to moisturizing the skin.



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