Henna City Premium Jagua Gel - 2 Ounces for Temporary Tattoos, Fake Tattoos or Semi Permanent Tattoos. Use with Henna Cones or Henna Stencils. Organic Jagua Ink. Compare with Henna Tattoo Kit.

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Jagua Tattoos are temporary tattoos that look just like real tattoos but only last for two weeks on the skin.They are completely water resistant so you can go into the ocean, the pool or shower with them and they won't come off.They only come off with time about two weeks after application.Henna City Jagua gel is made with the extract of the jagua fruit, which is an edible fruit that grows wild in the rain forests of Central and South America.The properties of the jagua fruit are many including the unique ability to temporary stain the skin with a blue-black color that lasts for up to two weeks.HOW WE ARE DIFFERENT:Jagua gel is a highly perishable productand at Henna City, our goal is to provide the highest quality jagua gel possible.We use only high quality ingredients We make our jagua in small batches every two weeks for continuous rotation We keep our jagua gel refrigerated until it's time to ship to ensure freshness We ship directly from our warehouse to minimize high temperature exposures We guarantee the quality and freshness of our jagua gel for 5 months from the date of purchaseWe strive to deliver only quality products, and it shows on our reviews. If you're looking for high quality jagua gel, look no further.NOTE: Henna City Jagua gel is 100% Natural, however, allergic reactions to natural products are not uncommon, just think of peanuts or strawberries.If you have any known allergies please do a small patch test before doing a big design.



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