IONSGAKO Mushroom Head Air Cushion CC Cream BB Cream Foundation Makeup Lasting Natural Brighten Moisturizing Concealer Easy to Apply -Nature

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Features: CC cream helps to hide blemishes and moisturize the skin, evenly brighten the skin, make the skin delicate and soft, rich in shiny texture, soft and charming! 1. Natural plant skin care ingredients can nourish the skin while applying makeup. 2?Powerful concealing ability, excellent moisturizing effect, easy-to-apply products, you deserve it! Must-see before makeup: If you want your makeup to look good and lasting, you can do the following: 1. Please do basic skin care work. 2. Please apply makeup in the form of a "seal", pat quickly to make the makeup more convincing. 3. After applying makeup, set the makeup with loose powder or loose powder, and then gently spray the makeup with the setting spray. This kind of makeup can achieve a very long-lasting effect. Tips: 1. Avoid high temperatures 2. Place the product after use to avoid leakage of the foundation.



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