Looney Zoo Temporary Tattoo Markers for Skin, 10 Body Markers + 20 Large Tattoo Stencils for Kids and Adults, Dual-End Pens Make Bold and Fine Lines with Cosmetic-Grade Temporary Tattoo Ink

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Become Walking Artwork Show-off your artistic flair without committing to permanent ink. Looney Zoo Tattoo Marker Kits let you transform your body into a masterpiece for a few hours or a few days. Complete with stick-on stencils to guide the way, our skin-safe markers let even aspiring young tattooists successfully create bold, bright conversation pieces on forearms, shoulders, legs, back and face. Available in 14- and 30-piece sets, they include stencils and tattoo pens for kids, teens and adults to explore the world of tattoo artistry. Gentle, Cosmetic-Grade While permanent markers use ingredients that are not compatible with skin and do not come off easily, Looney Zoo Skin Marker Pens use inks specifically formulated for body art. Our inks comply with all cosmetic regulations. Using our versatile dual-end body-markers and the peel-and-stick tattoo stencil of your choice, apply a dynamic tattoo anywhere on your body. The broad tip fills-in large areas quickly and lets you add thick, attention-grabbing outlines. The thin tip allows you to add intricate details, lettering and shading for 1-of-a-kind showpieces. Encourage Their Creativity An outstanding entry on your shopping list of teen boy and teen girl gifts, Looney Zoo Temporary-Tattoo-Markers Kits are perfect for Christmas, birthdays and for use as party activities. Our 14-piece kit includes 4 body markers and 10 small tattoo-stencils while our 30-piece temporary-tattoo-kit includes 10 tattoo pens in an array of colors plus 20 large reusable tattoo stencils. Put your creativity on full display wherever you go. Add the Looney Zoo Temporary Tattoos Kit to your cart today.



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