MAYYAD Professional Electric Shaver for Women | 2 in 1 Electric Razor, Rechargeable Face Hair and Eyebrow Trimmer for Ladies, Six Piece Luxury Nail Kit | Grooming Kit for Woman with Toiletry Bag

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Everything our family business does must be premium. That is MAYYAD philosophy. We share a detail-oriented model that adapts to the need of each of our products, ensuring high quality and exquisiteness. We built this product aiming to create more than just a simple shaving experience, it is meant to provide a complete shaving case enhancing organization at home or convenience when traveling. What’s included: One-piece electric shaver One-piece electric eyebrow trimmer One-piece nail clipper One-piece tweezer Three-piece different nail limes: metal, buffer and crystal One-piece pink convenient foam texture case



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