Mehron Makeup Sweat & Tears | Professional Special Effects Liquid for Fake Tears and Sweat 1 fl oz (3 g)

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Mehron Makeup Sweat & Tears Special Effects Liquid is a must-have product for any special effects artist or actor looking to create a realistic and long-lasting sweaty or tearful appearance. This clear liquid formula realistically mimics the look of moisture beads or tears on the skin. It comes in a convenient 1 fl oz (3 g) container that can be easily applied with a brush or sponge using a patting or stippling motion. What sets this product apart is that it does not dry, allowing you to create a long-lasting sweat effect that will stay put throughout your performance. Plus, the more applications you use, the bigger the beads of sweat will appear. In addition, the liquid can also be used to create a tear effect by applying a drop to the corner of an eye, giving your character a realistic and emotional touch. The best part? The product is easily removed with soap and water, making it the perfect choice for any special effects makeup artist looking to create a realistic and impactful look.



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