Men Electric Ultra Thin Shaver Rechargeable Washable Wet/Dry Razor for Face Care Beard Trimmer Reciprocating Blade with USB Charger

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How to Recharge:
1. To promote the shelf life of the shaver, it is highly recommended to recharge your appliance only after the battery is completely exhausted. Otherwise you must discharge the appliance before your charge it. (To discharge, turn the shaver on until its battery has run down.)
2. Please check the power supply before recharging the shaver.The standard voltage is DC5V 2W.
3. The shaver should not be recharged under temperature of 5 - 35°C.
4. For safety purpose, please make sure both the shaver and its power socket are completely dry before recharging.
5. Turn the ON/OFF switch off and securely attach the charging adapter into the socket. Conned to power outlet,The indicator light will turn on when it is being recharged. (Take note that the shaver should be placed upright when charging to avoid unwanted damages.)

How to Use:
1. Remove the cover and push the ON/OFF switch upward to turn on the shaver.
2. Stretch your skin with free hand and hold the shaver at a right angle to the skin. Gently shave over the desired area.
3. When shaving, be sure not to apply too much pressure to avoid injuries to your skin. you may require a little time to get used to the new shaving method of our product.
4. After you have finished shaving, turn off the shaver and replace the cover.

Material: ABS + Metal
Power Type: Rechargeable
Head: Reciprocating Single Blade
Color: Black
Package Weight: Approx. 249g
Item Type: Beard Trimmer
Function: Beard Shave

Package Include:
1 x Electric shaver
1 x Bag
1 x Cleaning Brush
1 x User Manual



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