Millennium Tanning Forever Dark, Black Mattifying Instant Bronzer, Tanning Lotion, 13.5 Ounces

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Millennium Tanning is back with another outdoor and/or indoor tanning lotion that delivers an amazing tan with Forever Dark. Its black mattifying component leaves skin with a visibly smooth, blurred, and flawless dark tan. This fast-acting, auto-darkening instant DHA-formulated bronzer delivers results soon after application. And because it offers tattoo and color fade protection along with anti-orange technology, newly tanned skin will maintain its gorgeous dark pigment for a long period, with each use. On top of that, this tanning lotion can help keep the skin firm through its contouring, tightening, and toning properties. Available in Midnight Sugar fragrance, with 13.5 ounces per bottle. Get that airbrushed tan finish in an instant with the Millennium Tanning Forever Dark Black Mattifying Instant Bronzer!



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